Pineta Valley

The majestic spectacle of the Paredes de Pineta over the twelve kilometers of the valley, offers shaded walls in the shady, where the strata are stacked in a disorderly manner only in appearance. In the sun, forests and meadows of much softer and gentler forms. Higher up the Marboré plateau, at the foot of the massif giant and its glacier, it collects moraines and gives life to the Cinca river.

La Larri track

With restricted access, from the vicinity of the National Parador de Pineta circumvents the lower part of the Pineta circus.

Pineta Waterfall, Balcony of Pineta and Marboré Lake

Upper part of the Pineta circus, located under the northern and icy side of Monte Perdido, on which the waters of Lake Marboré or Tucarroya rest. Of difficult and dangerous access during the winter season.

Collado de Añisclo

Collado that from the Pineta valley gives way to the Añisclo Canyon, crossing the Monte Perdido massif through the western sector of the Tucas mountain range.

Hotel Pradas Ordesa | Huesca | Webcam Sorrosal

Webcam Sorrosal

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Hotel Pradas Ordesa | Huesca | Webcam Ordesa

Webcam Ordesa

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