Añisclo Canyon

Narrow valley through which the Bellós River seeks its exit, which crosses natural secluded corners, embedded in a grand fluvial gorge. From the top, the view is impressive.


- Desfiladero de las Cambras: Lower part of the Añisclo Canyon that is crossed by an asphalted road.

- Caves of San Úrbez and of the Moors. The first, near the bridge of the same name, composes a cavity in the Sestrales wall where there is a hermitage dedicated to this saint who lived in these lands. The cave of the Moors, next to the remains of the Aso mill.

- Forest of the Ripareta: Forest mass of beech trees at the confluence of the Pardina ravine with the Bellós river.

- San Shelter Shelter: Traditional shepherd shelter. Its location in the upper part of the Añisclo Canyon allows you to admire a superb landscape with the Tres Sorores massif in the background.

Hotel Pradas Ordesa | Huesca | Webcam Sorrosal

Webcam Sorrosal

Webcam cascade of Sorrosal
Hotel Pradas Ordesa | Huesca | Webcam Ordesa

Webcam Ordesa

View of the Ordesa National Park

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