Ordesa Valley

Open, spacious valley, covered in its entire length by the river Arazas, until its confluence in the Ara, has a clear glacial origin in the shape of a trough or "U" profile, the result of an erosive activity completed by the fluvial imprint. A valley of special structure and singular geological aspects, characteristic relief and shape, determined by its calcareous nature.

Cascadas del Arazas
The Arazas River runs along the bottom of the Ordesa Valley for 12 kilometers. Its many waterfalls are worth mentioning: the Horsetail - in the Soaso circus, the Soaso Stands, the Estrecho, La Cueva, Arripas waterfalls and the lesser known ones of Firs, Tamborrotera and Molinieto.
Circo de Carriata
Lateral circus of glacial origin. The characteristic relief of the Tozal del Mallo stands out, with 300 meters of vertical wall.
Circo de Cotatuero
Wide glacial circus, located east of Carriata. It has a delicate step with pegs that allow to save the impressive verticality of a rocky terrain.
Circo de Soaso
Head of the Arazas river valley where you can appreciate the beauty of the famous Cola de Caballo waterfall. Access point to the shelter of Góriz, distant one hour. Panoramic of the Three Sorors.
Faja de Pelay
Suspended cornice that allows excellent panoramic views of the Arazas river canyon. It must be accessed by taking the slope of Sendero de Cazadores from La Pradera de Ordesa to the viewpoint of the Calcilarruego prow. It is not advisable to take the belt from the Soaso circus.
Forest of Turieto Bajo

Hotel Pradas Ordesa | Huesca | Webcam Sorrosal

Webcam Sorrosal

Webcam cascade of Sorrosal
Hotel Pradas Ordesa | Huesca | Webcam Ordesa

Webcam Ordesa

View of the Ordesa National Park

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